Art Buchwald

columnistArt Buchwald (1925-2007), who was the most widely read newspaper humor columnist of his era, won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 1982.  His longtime employer The Washington Post called him as “an owlish, cigar-chomping extrovert” who “who zinged the high, mighty and humor-challenged bigwigs of Washington politics.” The New York Times called his life “a rich tale of gumption, heartbreak and humor, with chapters in Paris, Washington and points around the globe” who with his pen “satirized the follies of the rich, the famous and the powerful” and “delighted in stirring the pot — never maliciously, always vigorously.” He once incurred the wrath of J. Edgar Hoover by insisting the FBI Director did not exist. Buchwald wrote more than 30 books and his column was syndicated to more than 550 newspapers.

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  • Art Buchwald was one of the most influential newspaper columnists of his time and one of the greatest humorists in the history of American journalism. He also was one of my professional heroes. And a good guy.

  • Agree completely, Jerry. Wish I could have met him, but our paths never crossed. I still enjoy his work.