Taylor Mali on how declarative statements sound like questions nowadays

Taylor Mali questions the use of interrogative tone during declarative statements at a poetry slam.

This video is five years old, but it’s so good, I have to share it. It’s poet Taylor Mali at the Def Poetry Jam talking about the popular use of the words “like,” “you know” and “know what I’m saying”? Mali has a great quote about people who use an interrogative tone to make a declarative statement:

“They’ve been infected by this tragically cool and totally hip interrogative tone. As if I’m saying, ‘Don’t think I’m a nerd just because I’ve like noticed this, OK? I have nothing personally invested in my own opinions. I’m just like inviting you to join me on the bandwagon of my own uncertainty.'”

Brilliant, know what I’m saying?


Author: Joe Donatelli

Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles. He publishes The Humor Columnist.