Triumph at #OWS

Watch Triumph at Occupy Wall Street.

Triumph The Insult Comic visited Occupy Wall Street. Naturally, someone got humped. This aired on Conan’s show during the protests. Triumph insults everyone, from the protesters to the bankers to the Merrill Lynch bull.

My favorite part, besides the fact that he recruited a member of the drum circle for his rim shots, is when he tells a hippie, “When the police come in here, it is going to be a serious bloodbath. Or even worse for you, a regular bath.” Pause. “You see, because, you’re filthy.”

Triumph burst onto the scene with this brilliant segment interviewing Star Wars fans. This is Triumph at the VMAs. Here is Triumph mocking Canada’s most annoying province, Quebec. Go to that last YouTube page just for the comments thread. It contains everything that is great about annoying Internet comment threads, including this excellent sentence: “Perhaps next time you should think before you speak so you do not look like an uneducated fool of simply a pompous Frenchman.”

I hope this appearance heralds  the return of Triumph to the show. Or that Triumph gets his own show. Or that there is some other entertainment arrangement by which Triumph becomes a regular part of my life.



Author: Joe Donatelli

Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles. He publishes The Humor Columnist.