The Humor Columnist is Once Again a Proud Sponsor of the ‘Shirley You Jest!’ Book Awards

The Shirley You Jest! book awards are back, and the The Humor Columnist is once again a sponsor.

Last year I read the work of several of the finalists and interviewed two of the winners from other categories: Anthony Miller and JW Bull, both funny writers. The contest honors books by self-published and traditionally-published indie authors that “deliver the funny.”

Yes, I am completely biased because my sister-in-law Liz is the organizer, but this is a really great contest that gives humorous books the attention they deserve, and besides, what has nepotism ever done to hurt any of us? I mean, besides in government and at the highest levels of business and in the world of sports team ownership? And also all those Baldwin brothers getting so much acting work at the expense of more deserving thespians. OK, fine, nepotism is awful almost all of the time but not in this case. Liz loves books and authors, and she works her butt off on this thing every year.

If you’re interested in entering this contest or learning more about it, go to the Shirley You Jest website.

The submission period runs from May 20-July 22, 2013.


Author: Joe Donatelli

Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles. He publishes The Humor Columnist.