The finest Downton Abbey humor, all of which the Dowager Countess would certainly not approve

Read and watch the funniest Downton Abbey humor

zombies of downton abbeyDownton Abbey humor? Oh, it’s out there. The most serious show on television is generating some funny online humor. Downton Abbey, which is on American TV wasteland PBS, has been the subject of spoof, Photoshop and fan fiction. The BBC spoof, embedded below, is particularly funny and worth watching if you are a fan of the show. Some of the jokes only make sense if you get BBC4 or whatever, but it’s still pretty good. And yes, I wrote some pseudo fan fiction. One hour of show a week ISN’T ENOUGH.

Downton Zombie (Not Zombies)
This is what Downton Abbey would look like if it was populated with zombies.

Five lesser-known Downton Abbey characters (The Humor Columnist)
Never heard of these Downton Abbey characters? You weren’t paying close enough attention.

Kardashian Abbey (DAME)
Damn, these two shows are strangely alike.

Downton Arby’s (Yahoo!)
This is Downton Abbey if it took place at Arby’s.

Which Downton Abbey job is right for you? (PBS)
Take a break from your dream job – or escape from your mundane one.

Lord Grantham’s neighbors (McSweeney’s)
It’s not easy living next to Downton Abbey.

Downton Abbey Valentine’s Day cards (Chad Thomas)
Four Downton Abbey-themed Valentines.

Party Downton Abbey (Slacktory)
Finally, that Party Down-Downton Abbey mash-up the world’s been waiting for.

100 important things to know about season one of Downton Abbey (Hello Giggles)
13. Mary is the oldest and is good at moping and being beautiful. All the men folk love her. She suffers from that thing rich kids get where they’re unhappy and unfulfilled because they’ve never had to work for anything and thus have no sense of self.

Maggie Smith’s best faces on Downton Abbey (Star 94.1)
The only photo gallery on the Internet featuring one disappointed old woman.

The lamps of Downton Abbey (Tumblr)
This piece of Downton Abbey humor explains itself.

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The neighbors of Downton Abbey

Read an article about the neighbors of Downton Abbey

The outpouring of Downton Abbey humor continues. Tom Gliatto has penned a piece of fan fiction about the neighbors of Downton Abbey. Gliatto writes, “As I sit down at my desk to write, I wonder if my journal will be able to hold all the events of this day, or whether the pages will scatter like leaves torn from a tree in a tremendous storm…We were all just sat down to breakfast when in came Papa, quite flushed and out of breath, and told us that the Titanic had struck an iceberg and sunk! We were speechless at such a calamity, although not until Mama explained to me that an iceberg is not the same thing as an ice cube did it truly dawn on me, the enormity of the event.” Read the whole preposterous thing here.