Meet the Best Celebrity Impressionist in Los Angeles: Mr. Ross Marquand

Check out Ross Marquand doing impressions in a series of very funny videos.


If you followed me over at, then you might have read about Ross Marquand before. But there are some new readers here, and Ross is super-talented, and he’s starting to get some attention, so screw it, I’m writing about Ross again!

Ross is an actor and celebrity impressionist. I’ve posted his videos below. You’ll see why when you watch them.

I’ve known Ross for a few years — he appeared on my old podcast — and it’s been fun watching the world discover him.  Last fall Marquand made the front page of Reddit twice with a few of his videos, and he has been profiled by Coloradan Magazine. He also was featured on MSN. And he’s a working actor who has done film and TV, including Conan and Mad Men.

Now he’s the co-star of a SoulPancake (that’s Rainn Wilson’s production company) Web series that is terrific and getting a lot of attention. It’s called The Impression Guys.

Check back later for more episodes here.

But that’s not all. The videos below are from Ross’s YouTube Channel. The first three are celebrity impressions, and the last one is from “There Will be Bud,” which is a “There Will Be Blood” spoof that went viral a few years ago among college students for some strange reason, ahem ahem.

Remember, you saw him here first. Or maybe you saw him somewhere else and Googled his name and found more of his stuff here. Whatever. Enjoy.





Author: Joe Donatelli

Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles. He publishes The Humor Columnist.