Anti-hunting drone becomes the hunted

Read the story about a group of South Carolina hunters who shot down an anti-hunting drone that disrupted their pigeon shoot

An animal rights group sent a drone to disrupt a pigeon shoot┬áin South Carolina and it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what happened next.

Times and Democrat


Author: Joe Donatelli

Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles. He publishes The Humor Columnist.

  • While I despise recreational hunting, I find this hilarious. What did they think would happen? I love that they’re going to try and sue someone for shooting down the RC camera. Good luck with that one, CSI.

  • That’s what is so baffling. Nothing good could have come from that drone being there. I can only attribute it to the fact that no man can resist taking an RC vehicle outside without at least playing with it for a little while. By the same token, a hunter’s gonna hunt. And this this happened.