Gene Weingarten

Humor Columnist

Gene Weingarten is a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who is best known for writing the  Below The Beltway column in The Washington Post’s Sunday magazine. The column is nationally syndicated. It has been described thusly: “Below the Beltway examines life in all its absurdity. It good-naturedly traffics in ridicule, character assassination, and intelligent smart-aleckry. It stimulates that part of the brain that wants to laugh but isn’t sure it should. Said Dave Barry, “Gene Weingarten is outrageously funny. I mean that literally: He is guaranteed to outrage some readers. But the smart ones will absolutely love him.” Barry would know. Weingarten is credited with discovering him while he was an editor at The Miami Herald’s Tropic Magazine. In 2010, Weingarten began co-authoring the syndicated comic strip “Barney & Clyde” with his son, Dan Weingarten, and cartoonist David Clark.

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