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Creative Groove
Mrs. The Humor Columnist

Joe Donatelli
My personal site

H.H.B. Publishing
My brother’s publishing company

Liz D Publicity
My sister-in-law’s publicity company

Soren Bowie
Cracked columnist

Not Zombies
Master of Photoshopping

The Three Dollar Scholar
Awesome advice for acing life’s major decisions

Dedicated to the spirit of the digital sideways smiley face

Reel Life with Jane
Syndicated reviews and entertainment stories

Write On Online
Bringing community to writers around the world

State College Mom
A mom blogs from State College, Pa.

Como el Pulpo
Dispatches from Buenos Aires

Tiffany Hawk
Writer and travel industry insider

Dan Eldridge: Cultural Reporter and Travel Journalist, based in Philadelphia

Word Snooper
A blog about words and their origins

Bohemian Adventures
A nonconformist writer or artist who lives an unconventional life

Michael Berick
Musings on music and other things Creative ways to save/earn money
The concept of home

Jennifer Brody

The Hysterical Mommy Network

aBroad Across the Globe
The road to health and happiness

Seeking Shama
One woman, one dog, one car, many roads

Energy Writer
A passion for writing and energy healing

The ultimate travel companion

Nurse Mommy Laughs
Laughter’s the best medicine

Vegas Happens Here
Las Vegas Delivered

Mike Moody
Writer, Texan, man with a (sigh) desk job

Water Under the Bridge
A humor blog by Erin Shank