Democrats’ election spam tastes familiar

Joe Biden, Al Gore, Barack Obama and other Democrats are really pouring on the election spam, Peter Funt writes in The New York Times.

Peter Funt wrote a funny article about election spam for The New York Times. (I know. It’s weird writing funny and New York Times in the same sentence. You’ll just have to trust me.) From the article:

8:25 a.m. Received an urgent e-mail from Al Gore with an unsettling subject line: “Disaster.” Turns out the former vice president wanted to tell me that the Republican Party had been “hijacked by an extremist fringe,” and I should send “$3 or more” a.s.a.p. Now, I’m a fan of the former vice president and, considering some of the blather I’ve heard recently from the Tea Party, it didn’t surprise me to learn that the G.O.P. had been hijacked. But I’m beginning to worry that it’s the Democrats who are now controlled by an extremist fringe — of e-mail writers. These are some of the genuine campaign e-mails I received over just two days recently:

Read Peter Funt’s election spam piece “Al and Joe Lead the Spam Squad” here.

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Author: Joe Donatelli

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