A History of the Past: Life Reeked with Joy

History of the Past: Life Reeked with Joy is the best thing ever written about the Middle Ages.

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I would link to this bit of hilarity, but the link is not working. It’s one of the funniest things I have read in a while. This essay is called History of the Past: Life Reeked with Joy, and it was published in Wilson Quarterly and authored by Anders Henriksson.

The subhead:

One of the most popular WQ essays ever (and by far the funniest) was Anders Henriksson’s brief history of Europe as told through the peculiar observations he had culled from papers written by college freshmen he had taught in Canada. As we wrote in introducing the piece in the Spring 1983 issue, paraphrasing George Santayana, ‘Those who forget history are condemned to mangle it.’

Read it.

You will not be disappointed.

PDF here: Life-Reeked-With- Joy

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Author: Joe Donatelli

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