Mailing List for My Untitled Humor Book Set at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio

If you’d like to be notified when my Ohio University humor book is published, email me at contactjoed(at) with the subject line Book Mailing List.

Athens-Christmas-DaySo the thing with books these days is that you have to start marketing them before they’re finished, which is probably something that, say, Victor Hugo never had to deal with. Other things Hugo never had to deal with: getting reviewed on Goodreads, Twitter followers and teen book bloggers. (They can MAKE OR BREAK you.)

I’ve started a humorous mystery novel set at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. If you’d like to be notified when the book is published, please email me at contactjoed(at) with the subject line Book Mailing List, and I will add you to the mailing list.

If you like humorous novels or mysteries or hold a special place in your heart for OU and Athens, I think you will enjoy this book. The first chapter is finished, and the entire book is outlined. The goal is to finish it this summer and offer it for sale before the holidays.

Thanks for your support.

And for my Bobcats … Go ‘Cats!

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Dr. Seuss Book Impressions by Mark Saul

Watch actor Mark Saul absolutely (not) nail these celebrities reading One Fish, Two Fish.

mark-saul-impressions My friend Mark Saul has created this video (below) of his impressions of celebrities reading One Fish, Two Fish. I know it’s supposed to be a joke, but I think he actually nails the Blake Griffin one.

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Outtakes From the Jen Kirkman Interview

Read the outtakes from my Q-and-A with Chelsea Lately comedian Jen Kirkman.

BOOKCOVER_JENKIRKMANI know Jen Kirkman. A little. She appeared on my podcast twice and was a fantastic guest both times. Kirkman has written a book entitled “I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales From a Happy Life Without Kids.” For you longtime fans of my podcast, she did not get the idea for the book after spending three hours in a small room with Carlos, Mike, Sean and me. (Although I am certain Los has inspired many women never to have kids.)

No, this book came about because Kirkman long ago decided she did not want kids, and the whole world pestered her and said things like, “But you should really have kids,” and she was like, “I mean it. I don’t want kids.” And the world was like, “You’ll change your mind someday. You’re being selfish,” And she was like, “How many ways do I have to tell you people? I say it in my stand-up. I say it on Twitter. I say it in person. I don’t want to have any damn kids!?!” So instead of telling everyone to go to hell for the next few years, she wrote a book, which was the better choice because you can’t option telling people “Go to hell!” for movie and TV rights.

I talked to Kirkman about “I Can Barely Take Care of Myself” for a published Q-and-A. You can read it here. I received an advanced copy of the book, and it’s so her. Kirkman perfectly captures how absolutely insane it is to ask anyone a question as deeply personal as, “Do you plan to have kids?”

Kirkman bleeds the world’s lack of propriety and manners of all its nonsense and mixes in her own humor, logic and neurosis. Men and women who don’t want to have kids will find comfort in this book and in knowing they have such a prominent and ballsy ally.

A few weeks ago we spoke for an hour on the phone prior to a stand-up show in San Diego. As so often happens, lots of stuff from the interview, for various reasons, did not make it into the final published Q&A. So I pulled the most interesting tidbits left on the cutting room floor and and shared them with you below.

Our discussion starts with her traumatic reaction to The Day After, a movie that scared the hell out of both of us when we were kids.

When you wrote about The Day After, I was nodding my head the entire time. I was like, ‘Yes, that happened to me.’ I could not stop thinking about nuclear war in the 1980s. Terrified me.

You’re the first person I’ve talked to that referenced that part, and that’s my favorite part of the book.

Oh, is it? I think it’s mine too.

That part of the book was actually another book I had wanted to write before this idea about not wanting kids came up, which was essays about my life growing up and how that shaped who I became. I became a different kind of kid because of that experience, but anyway, that’s kind of my favorite part of the book because I just think that’s when my whole world changed. I was like, ‘Everyone’s crazy. What is going on? This is such a crazy world.’

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The Humor Columnist interviews Charley Memminger, author of ‘Aloha, Lady Blue’

Read Joe Donatelli’s interview with humor columnist Charley Memminger, author of the tropical crime thriller ‘Aloha, Lady Blue.’

FTR memminger

Charley Memminger is an award-winning humor columnist, screenwriter and author in Hawaii who just published his first novel, “Aloha, Lady Blue.”

The premise: Stryker McBride is a former crime reporter who lives on an expensive houseboat called–John MacDonald fans will appreciate this–“the Travis McGee.” When Stryker receives an unexpected SOS call from a sultry beauty queen, he agrees to look into the suspicious death of the woman’s grandfather. As Stryker investigates, he encounters a cast of characters as diverse as Hawaii itself, including Auntie Kealoha, a charming entertainer turned mobster and her 400-pound right-hand man, a Chinese-Hawaiian named Tiny Maunakea. Stryker discovers a deadly secret buried deep in the heart of Hawaii that has consequences much larger than one old man’s death.

Publisher’s Weekly gushed, “Deft storytelling, intrigue galore, and island splendor distinguish humor columnist Memminger’s strong first novel.”

Said A.J. Jacobs, editor-at-large for Esquire and national best-selling author, “Charley Memminger should be named Hawaii’s state gem. Sorry black coral, he’s just better than you are. His great first novel made me feel like I just took a Hawaiian vacation, and not your usual boring beach vacation, but a thrilling trip filled with corrupt cops and libidinous Russians.”

To get “Aloha, Lady Blue” published, Memminger, a former crime reporter himself, proved to be just as resourceful as his protagonist. He walked down all of publishing’s usual dark alleys, made a few unconventional leaps of logic and did some time in prison–sort of–until he was finally able to say aloha to “Aloha, Lady Blue.” 

What makes Hawaii such a fun place to write about?

Hawaii is a true melting pot. We have just about every race you can name and the great culture of the Hawaiian people, who teach all visitors the meaning of aloha. One reason we all get along is because people in Hawaii are not politically correct when it comes to humor. We celebrate our differences and  take a lot of shots at the various groups. The rest of the country would do well to learn from how we all live together in relative peace on a clutch of small islands in the middle of the Pacific. We, of course, have problems.  There’s crime. But much of it is “island style” crime. I covered crime for many years in paradise and I try to share some of that in “Aloha, Lady Blue.” On a small island like Oahu, organized crime figures only live a few blocks away. When people are sent to prison, they are only up the road a bit. The beauty of Hawaii is something that the people who live here never take for granted. In “Aloha, Lady Blue” I wanted to show what living in the islands is really like. No cliches. From what the national reviewers are saying, I was able to get close to describing what life is like here. I’ve lived all over the world, and even went to kindergarten in Morocco. Trust me. Hawaii is the best place in the world to live!

Are any of the characters based on people you met while working for newspapers in Hawaii? I have to imagine you had plenty of source material.

I did develop some characters in “Aloha, Lady Blue” from either actually people I knew or met or people I heard about, like some of the great old time crime figures. If you’ve watched the original “Hawaii Five-0” and seen the quirky island characters often portrayed. they are real. They existed. I knew a 300-pound organized crime hitman named Ronnie Ching. He eventually pleaded guilty to killing four people, including the son of the Honolulu city prosecutor and a federal drug informant who he blew off a bar stool in broad daylight with a machine gun in a bar on Kapiolani Boulevard. He also killed a state senator. Before he went to the mainland to go to prison (not all prisoners are kept in Hawaii) he asked to speak personally to me. Criminals actually respected the press back in those days. He told me all about how he “made his bones,” killing his first person, and where he liked to get rid of the bodies. (He liked to bury them on a deserted beaches because “easy fo’ dig, eh?” My publisher insisted that my hero Stryker McBride not hang out with people like that. But I told her that’s the way it is in Hawaii. I based the character “Tiny Maunakea” on Ronnie Ching, who passed away several years ago.

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Mad Men Jokes, Humor, Lawnmower Accidents and Such

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite Mad Men jokes and humor. Best read while smoking and drinking.

Mad Men is one of my favorite shows on TV, and it’s generated some pretty good jokes, spoofs and memes. Here is some of my favorite Mad Men humor. I know this list is short. I’m still adding to it.

The What Would Don Draper Do? Flowchart (The Oatmeal)

Quick Recap of the First 5 Seasons of Mad Men (The Humor Columnist)

Ken Cosgrove’s Pulp Books Covers (Not Zombies)
OK, this one isn’t exactly funny. But it’s pretty cool.







Mad Men Minus January Jones

I’ll keep adding more.

Which ones am I missing?

Also, I know there used to be a Mad Men video game, but Lions Gate blocked it because it contained copyrighted materials. That’s why it’s not on here. Jerks.