Dave Barry’s 2012 Year in Review

Read Dave Barry’s depressingly accurate 2012 Year in Review in the Miami Herald.


It wouldn’t be the end of the year without Dave Barry’s Year in Review in the Miami Herald. This year, which happens to still be 2012–suck it, Mayans–Barry looks back on the presidential election, Predator drones, the Facebook IPO and whether or not Jeremy Lin actually exists. The column opens, “It was a cruel, cruel year — a year that kept raising our hopes, only to squash them flatter than a dead possum on the interstate,” and that’s pretty much the cheeriest bit.

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Uptown Athens, Ohio at Christmas

Check out photos of Uptown Athens, Ohio decorated for Christmas.

As you may or may not know, my wife and I spent the fall in Athens, Ohio. You can read about our adventure here. My friend Erin, who, like me, went to Ohio University, asked me to snap a few photos of Athens decorated for the holidays, and that’s what I’ve posted below. I took these photos on Court Street after the Christmas lights went up and before the first heavy snow of the year.


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Quick Book Review: How to Tell if Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You by The Oatmeal (Matthew Inman)

Read The Humor Columnist’s review of The Oatmeal’s “How to tell if your cat is trying to kill you.”


The best thing about the latest book from The Oatmeal, How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You, isn’t the cartoons, but that it was published at all.

Matthew Inman’s latest book has it all — cats, office intrigue, more cats. As you would expect from The Oatmeal, the book is funny, smart, low-brow and definitely Internet-friendly.

The Oatmeal has discovered humor formulas that work online, and he should be applauded for the same reasons stand-up comics and movie directors should be when they have mastered a medium. Because The Oatmeal’s normal medium — the Internet — is part of the Distraction Media Complex, some people feel they can dispel it or attack it (because is it really valuable content if it’s something you look at while at work?), but what The Oatmeal does is, on some levels, more difficult than what a stand-up comic does, because when you go to a comedy club, you can’t click away from the current stand-up and select a new one. (Damn, that was a long sentence. Also, wouldn’t that be awesome if you could? Get on this, Zany’s!)

The Oatmeal has to battle itchy mouse fingers all day, and he is winning that battle by providing a take on common annoyances that large groups of people can relate to and enjoy by giving them easily digestible humor that incites a reaction, one that often compels people to share. It sounds easy, but it takes a certain type of genius to pull that off consistently. (Or else everyone would be able to do it.)

Inman now has two books to his credit–his debut 5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth (And Other Useful Guides) and this latest offering. If you like The Oatmeal, you will certainly enjoy How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you, because not only is it funny, and not only does it provide keen insights into the world of business cats, but buying it makes you feel like you’re investing in what is right with the Internet.

Joe Donatelli is a freelance journalist who publishes The Humor Columnist. Follow him @joedonatelli.


The Baldmen by Mark Blemaster

In which I link to The Baldmen comic book by Mark Blemaster.

Mark BlemasterEarlier this week I ran an excerpt from The Balding Handbook by David Stern. This prompted Mark Blemaster to contact me about his bald superhero comic book The Baldmen. He describes his self-published effort as “still on the vast and never to be found list of books on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com.” He recently put it on scribd.com for others to read for free.

I checked out The Baldmen, and not only is it loaded with every bald/combover joke imaginable, it’s also a pretty good parody of your average comic book. I liked it. Want to check it out?

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