Joe Biden thanks Dr. Pepper

Watch a video of Joe Biden thanking Dr. Pepper

Human Gaffe Machine Joe Biden can’t let 10 minutes go by without making President Obama face-palm himself. Here’s Vice President Biden thanking Dr. Pepper for committing to American in-sourcing, which I’m pretty sure is a word that Biden just made up. If Obama loses the 2012 election, I hope there’s some way we can keep America’s Drunk Uncle in the spotlight. The man is a comedy gift who just keeps on giving and giving and giving.

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My Facebook interview with Jon Finkel, author of ‘The Three Dollar Scholar’

Read a Facebook interview with Jon Finkel, author of The Three Dollar Scholar

I’ve interviewed people in person, over the phone and via email, but I’ve never used social media to conduct an interview. So when Jonathan Finkel contacted me about reviewing his humor book “The Three Dollar Scholar” I asked him what he thought about doing an interview over Facebook. Because he is a humor writer and there is very little any of us won’t do for publicity, Finkel said he was game.

First, the book. It’s funny. Finkel has been an advice columnist and writer for a number of men’s magazines. As anyone who’s held that type of job knows, you can’t answer every question every reader sends you. Finkel took all those extra questions and answered the best ones in a tidy self-published Kindle Book.

The Three Dollar Scholar covers important topics such as advice for women buying a pet, the easiest plan ever for losing weight, why so many musicians are named Fat, who makes the best fast-food burger, the circumstances under which littering is acceptable and how to respond to pushy people pushing their global warming agenda on you. And more.

This interview was conducted on The Three Dollar Scholar Facebook page. I cleaned it up a bit because some of our answers and questions overlapped and some of the spelling and grammar was atrocious. I don’t know how we’re writers.

Overall, once we got past some technical issues, I really enjoyed this interview. We discussed some of what’s in the book and went off on a few tangents, such as making the case that most magazines do not need to exist. This is poor form because we have both worked for magazines, but who would know better than us? I think Time will survive.


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The TMZ Hollywood bus tour is as classy as you think it is

Read an article about the TMZ Hollywood bus tour

Soren Bowie took the TMZ Hollywood bus tour and wrote about it in painful, hilarious detail. A note to tourists: If you come to Los Angeles, please do something good with your time such as go to the beach, check out the Getty or go to our really nice restaurants and pubs and comedy clubs. Go do something that is actually fun. My email address is on this site. If you come to Los Angeles and need things to do, I can give you several suggestions that do not involve congesting the city’s roadways and enriching America ruiners.

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